Farewell Sweet Furballs

On Saturday, Fermi went home with her family, and today Ferdinand (Artemis) went to his forever home.

Sunchaser Ferdinand Artemis

We’re holding onto Fleetwood for another week, as his people have the spicy cough and want to be sure they’re clear before picking him up (wise, since kitties can also catch the spicy cough). But even with only two of them gone, the house feels so much emptier. No more overflowing kitten puddles on top of the scratching post.

All four kittens, plus mum

Florence, sadly, has no home to go to [edit – she has been adopted by a new family, who are lovely]. The family who were going to adopt her have decided that they aren’t able to. Which does mean that she’s available – which is much nicer way to think about it than saying she has no home waiting for her.

If anyone is interested in giving this gorgeous girl a forever home, please message us. She is a complete sweetheart, a lapcat who purrs for cuddles and likes being picked up, and has a clean bill of health from the vet. She has had a minor bout of ringworm (a fungal skin disease, like athlete’s foot for cats) but has been treated for it and has no symptoms remaining. (You can see in the photo, the fur growing back on the tiny bald patch she had on her nose.)

Sunchaser Florence

kitten update

All six kittens are doing really well, toddling around and learning to play – and complaining loudly when their mum decides that playtime is over and they should really be napping now. She does eventually get them to settle down and sleep occasionally though.

We have 3 girls (with the red, orange, and yellow collars), and 3 boys (with the green, blue, and purple collars). Our one classic patterned baby is a boy, named Cheesecake for his marbled chocolate colours.



Born 5th Feb 2018 to George (Ozspots Pennyroyal) and Poccy (Falconblade Poccy Cadbury Night Hawk), six beautiful chocolate kittens – five spotted, and one marbled (classic pattern, or jungala). They are so adorably cute I just don’t have words. 🙂


they grow up so fast

Little Alpha (named Felix by his new parents) has had his first vaccinations, and is looking super cute. He’s growing into a really cuddly lapcat, when he’s not running around playing. 🙂 He’s also learning to be a shoulder-cat, learning from his mama.



Pics :)

Little Alpha is still growing every day. His eyes are open now, and he’s learning to play. His mama has started teaching him about the litter tray too, and he’s socialising with the other cats through the nursery gate. He has the instincts of a model, though, posing for the camera – whereas mama cat was too concerned with if she could pounce on the camera to do more than look derpy 🙂  (but still adorable)

13242074_1624546251202729_903951717_o 13275475_1624546194536068_1564956483_o 13288431_1624546224536065_1710438908_o

kitten fuzz :)


Alpha is getting so big! He’s losing his kitten fuzz, and starting to show his adult colours, with sharply defined black spots on a sandy, tawny coat. His eyes are open, now, too, and he’s starting to track movement and shapes. His little kitten purr is the cutest thing.


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