Jazmarez Veronica (Zephyr)

Jazmarez Veronica & Sunchaser Eris cuddlingZephyr is our queen in waiting, currently a gangly teenager (or equivalent). She is an absolutely gorgeous black silver spotted ocicat, come to us from Jazmarez in South Australia – and we were in love within minutes of meeting her for the first time. She is the sweetest little thing, following us around the house, chirping and talking, and asking to be picked up so that she can ride on our shoulders.

Dam: Jazmarez Bishop’s Triumph
Sire: Bolivilki Legolas

Sunchaser Eris

Eris kitten picEris is a first generation ocicat, part of our breeding program to increase the genetic diversity and health of the breed in Australia. She is a cinnamon ticked ocicat, showing the typical look of a first generation Abyssinian outcross – freckles and stripes on her legs and belly, and faint spots showing through her ticked coat, like a proper wildcat. Eris has the cuddly, affectionate temperament and plush, soft fur of her father, but she’s as bold and adventurous as our Dany as well.

Dam: Sunchaser Danaerys
Sire: Shayba Finn McCool (Abyssinian)

Sunchaser ErisSunchaser Eris kitten pic 2

Sunchaser Danaerys

Dany kitten Danaerys (our Dany-cat) is beautiful chocolate classic (marbled) ocicat, with the same gorgeous temperament and silky coat as her father (George), and the same strikingly green eyes and no fuss attitude as her mother (Poccy). She’s a little supermodel wannabe, all slinky stalk and curiosity unless she’s posing for the camera.

Dam: Falconblade Poccy Cadbury Nighthawk
Sire: Ozspots Pennyroyal (George)

Falconblade Poccy Cadbury Nighthawk (Poccy)

image: Falconblade Poccy Cadbury NighthawkPoccy is a sweet, playful little chocolate spotted kitty, who taught herself to play fetch about 2 months after we brought her home. She’s an excellent mother and not to be trifled with – she used to put a paw on George’s head to hold him down for cleaning when she decided he needed it, in spite of being half his size.

Poccy has now emigrated to South Australia, to live with Tracie of Jazmarez Cats.

Dam: Ocivalley Marigold
Sire: Occivic Nemo Night Hawk

Ozspots Venus (Cloud) (Retired)

Ozspots Venus 6 wks oldJust over a year old, waiting to go for a walk on her leashVenus (home name: Cloud) was our first breeding queen, now retired (but still queen of the house). She’s a beautiful ebony silver, curious as a monkey, and almost as good at opening doors and boxes as one, too. We’re grateful to Nola of Ozspots for trusting us with this gorgeous girl.

Dam: Ozspots Canberra
Sire: Ozspots Manly

Ozspots Pennyroyal (George) (Retired)

Ozspots Pennyroyal 8 wks oldGeorge 1 year oldPennyroyal (home name: George) is now retired from stud duties, and is very happy being a lapcat and playing with the kittens in the house. He’s the sweetest teddy bear of a cat, and his favourite place is curled up next to us wherever we are. Once more, we have to thank Nola Kim of Ozspots for trusting us with her ocicat lines.

Dam: Daywalker Lozen
Sire: Peikkolan Frodo Reppuli