Eris is growing up


Little Eris has gone into call for the first time. Poor baby is so confused. She’s been following our (neutered) rescue around the house and begging him to help her out, trilling and mewing, because he’s the closest she’s ever met to an entire tomcat. He isn’t much help though – after being chased around the house by a very keen kitty teenager, he awkwardly grabs her by the scruff, then stands there, like, is this it? Is this what you want? Then he wanders off while she calls and calls for him to come back. I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s kinda hilarious.

Eris, sleeping in the sun

Eris is our gorgeous first-generation Ocicat queen, daughter of Finn from Shayba Abyssinians and our own Danaerys. Her kittens will be split between the regular spotted oci-kittens and freckled kitties like her, but her genetics should help keep the whole breed healthy in Australia and avoid the inbreeding which can be a problem for the rarer breeds like ocicats, which don’t have a lot of people keeping the breed alive here.

There won’t be any kittens for a while yet though, no matter how enthusiastic Eris is. She’s not quite a year old (her birthday is June 28), and I’d like her to be at least a year and a half before we think about finding a boy for her, to make sure she’s finished growing. Hopefully she has a nice long break before she goes into call again.

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