Sunchaser wholeheartedly recommends feeding your cat a raw, species-appropriate diet – but we also understand that not everyone can do that all the time. We ourselves make sure we always have some high quality commercial catfood in the house, in case we run out of our raw meat mix, or we have a bushfire emergency or similar event and have to evacuate (without knowing if we’ll have reliable refrigeration wherever we end up).

If you do use commercial foods, do look at the ingredients and read some reviews. And if you feed dry biscuits to your cats (or dogs!) soak them in some warm water for 5 minutes first. This will help keep your pet hydrated, and avoid kidney problems later in life.

Adult cats should eat about 2-4% of their body ideal weight in meat (or commercial wet food, or rehydrated dry food) per day – but make sure to ask your vet if you’re at all unsure!

Sunchaser is no longer offering an ordering service for cat food. We recommend buying from your local pet goods store.