Final Week


Last week, the kittens all got their vaccinations and microchips (which they did not enjoy), and now we’re at that final stage of raising a litter: the last week before they go home with their new families. It’s bittersweet.

When kittens are born, they are just little fuzzy peanuts, needing warmth and love to keep them alive. By the time they’re lived with you for 3 months, you’ve seen them learn to walk, to jump, to play. You’ve seen their personalities emerging, the one which is always a lapcat and just wants a cuddle, the one who finds themself alone at the other end of the house from their siblings and just shouts for company until someone goes and finds them. The one who plays pounce, and the one who finds the toy mouse under the couch and drags it out to prance around as if this was Very Important Prey that they hunted. But you also get to see how their personalities will match with their new families, and imagine their future as beloved family members, which is a sweet and happy thing.

So, in summary, I will miss these babies as I miss all out kittens, but I’m also looking forward to seeing them thrive in their new homes. And being able to leave shoes out without having the laces chewed through.

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