library cat


Cloud is increasingly obviously pregnant – she’s getting a bit barrel shaped around the middle, and is waddling around looking for good nesting sites in all the cupboards and in our bed. She’s pretty happy, although a bit ungainly at the moment, and very affectionate. It’s super cute; she comes and stands up next to me and wraps her ‘arms’ around my leg and mews for attention, like a toddler. She’s also eating like a horse.

George no longer has the run of the house (it was inevitable that it would come to an end, eventually – we can’t have him in with the girls long term in case of unexpected pregnancies), because Cloud seems to view him as a threat to her kittens. This isn’t uncommon, especially since he’s not the father. He still isn’t spraying, though, so he’s still allowed inside and isn’t banished to just the outside run; instead he is now Library Cat. The library is the only area of the house we can effectively close off to keep him and Cloud separate. He seems to like having his own private territory, but the plaintive meows tell me that he thinks his territory should be wherever his humans are. The wails and meows turn into rumbling purrs as soon as I go in there with him, and he comes and gives me face rubs and cuddles. I think we may have to get a companion for him so he doesn’t get too lonely.

In other news, we’ve decided that we’re going to retail some basic gear to make life easier for our kittens adoptive parents. We won’t keep items in stock, but we’ll do a monthly order (we do anyway, for ourselves) of kitty litter, cat food, and a few other bits and pieces. All our kitten packs will include ordering info, and a list of available products & prices. This info will be ont he website as well.

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