Almost there..


Cloud is due to give birth to her kittens next week on Saturday or Sunday – which is super exciting. It’s her first litter, and ours as well. She’s looking ready to be done with being pregnant already – she’s huge and barrel-shaped to the point where she waddles rather than walks at the moment, and can only just reach to scratch her ears.

She’s still eating well, and we’ve only had one incidence of morning sickness so far (poor kitty is hungry but her kittens are taking up so much of the room in her body that there isn’t much left for her tummy – if she eats too much, too fast, she can’t keep it all down). Aside from being a little ungainly, though, nothing has changed; Cloud is still the sweetest, purringest baby and wants to play or just curl up next to me while I read a book or do some work on the computer.

We’re not sure how many kittens will be in the litter, but she looks too big for it to be only one or two. All our fingers and paws are crossed for a safe, easy delivery and a healthy litter. I’ll post pics once the babies are born.

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