Kittens in the house!


I really do mean to post updates more often, and then life happens.. but here you are, an update that isn’t on Facebook or Instagram. Today, our four babies form the July 2021 litter are 5 weeks old. They’re sleeping at the moment, but they have been racing around all morning and chewing on the cardboard box castle I put out for them. Climbing it as well, but you know how it is – toys are more fun to chew on than to play with, just like siblings.

Sunchaser Eris is staying with us as a future breeding queen, to bring some diversity into the ocicat gene pool from her father, Double Gold Grand Champion Shayba Finn McCool of Shayba Abyssinnians – and many thanks go to Julia Caunce of Shayba for allowing us to introduce Dany (Sunchaser Danaerys) to Finn. The kittens are gorgeous, and have their daddy’s beautiful, smoochy personality already.

The other three have already been claiemd by their future families, although they won’t go home with them until they’re 12 weeks old, so we have a bit more time with them still. We’re so happy to have such enthusiastic adoptive parents looking forward to taking our little ones home, though. Seeing a kitten with its new family is one of the things that makes this all worthwhile. (Playing with them outselves is another one, of course)

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