9 weeks old


Rainy day for the official first day of spring, but everything is flowering and we have baby chicks hatching in the incubator, so it does feel like spring anyway. And kittens, obviously. Sharp-toothed little terrors who are now teething and have decided that everything is for chewing and nibbling and nomming right now. Including humans. They’re pretty good about being gentle with hands and fingers (95% sure big friend), but toes and, specifically, thighs when they’re waking up from a nap in one’s lap, are fair game (like, maybe 12% sure big friend, 90% sure bed or toy).

Pics (and slow-motion video) up on instagram.

On the bright side, they are now mostly on board with the ow, ow, ow, humans are not for climbing rule, and have stopped trying to scale my legs for fun when I stand still long enough. So.. baby steps, I guess. They are learning, and they are babies still.

All four are booked in to get their microchips and their first F3 vaccinations this week. It’s bizarre to think that they’re 9 weeks old already.

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