And then there was one


It’s so strange to have the house no longer full of kittens underfoot – only Eris is left with us now, the other three have all gone to their forever homes. You wouldn’t think that four kittens is enought o have kittens underfoot literally all the itme, but it is. Eris is missing her sister a little, in that the other (adult) cats don’t want to play all the time, but she seems pretty happy to be getting all the lap time she wants without sharing, and stealing the adult cats’ dinner without sharing. We’re trying to teach her not to do that, but the other cats still tolerate it because she’s still little enough that she pings their kitten-radar for food sharing.

Its one of the funny things you get to see, raising kittens. Cats don’t share well, generally – they chase one another off their food to get more, or smack one another on the nose or hiss to show that they won’t be chased away formt heir food. Two of ours have to be fed in sparate rooms becuase they eat, respectively, at the speed of light and super slowly. (We don’t leave food out all the time for our cats, because ants, and also they get wet food so it goes nasty if you leave it out.) But kittens are an entirely different thing; they come and try a bit from the plate of the most possessive adult cat, and she just wanders off and lets them have it, or moves so that she can eat form one side of the plate while the kitten dives in mouth first from the other. It seems to wear off when the kittens are around 4 – 5 months old, and they start getting the ‘go away, this is mine’ hisses.

Anyway. Our little lioness (Eris) is happily lying in the sun right now with her mum. Hopefully her siblings are enjoying the sun too, in their new homes.

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