Kittens on the way again


Dany is starting to look for nests, and she’s past her morning sickness phase and is now in the constantly hungry and crying for treats phase. She’s pretty cute, although she is a terrible scrounge at the moment! She and Veronica (our new little princess, many thanks to Tracie of Jazmarez for such a cutie) still don’t get on, but they’re not actively hating each other any more so there’s that. They just won’t share a plate for treats.

Veronica (or Zeffy, as we’re calling her at home) has made fast friends with all the other cats in the house. Even Cloud, our retired matriarch who is actually also her maternal aunt, is patient with her wanting cuddles and grooming all the time. 🙂

More updates when we have updates on Dany’s pregnancy.

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