9 weeks old

Rainy day for the official first day of spring, but everything is flowering and we have baby chicks hatching in the incubator, so it does feel like spring anyway. And kittens, obviously. Sharp-toothed little terrors who are now teething and have decided that everything is for chewing and nibbling and nomming right now. Including humans. They’re pretty good about being gentle with hands and fingers (95% sure big friend), but toes and, specifically, thighs when they’re waking up from a nap in one’s lap, are fair game (like, maybe 12% sure big friend, 90% sure bed or toy).

Pics (and slow-motion video) up on instagram.

On the bright side, they are now mostly on board with the ow, ow, ow, humans are not for climbing rule, and have stopped trying to scale my legs for fun when I stand still long enough. So.. baby steps, I guess. They are learning, and they are babies still.

All four are booked in to get their microchips and their first F3 vaccinations this week. It’s bizarre to think that they’re 9 weeks old already.

Kitten Pics

No news this week, but there are some pics of the babies being adorable 🙂


The babies have reached that age where they want to go exploring, and they still fit underneath furniture and through gaps that an adult-sized cat can’t. So many cables to protect.

This lot aren’t afraid of anything; their mum flees for the tallest available shelf when the vacuum cleaner goes on (“I’m out! Every cat for herself!”) but the four little ones just look up, blink, and go back to sleep – or continue to play in the path of the oncoming vacuum. They fall in their water dish, and just hop out and continue chasing each other around the house, then dive back into the water dish. And it’s cold at the moment, I wouldn’t want to go swimming. Fearless jungle cats.

Fearless jungle cats who are just starting to learn to play with a feather and squeaky mouse toy – and George (my 8 kg tomcat) wants so very badly to play with them, and they’re not quite big enough. So he runs up and pounces on the air near them, and then runs off, hoping to be chased, or tosses a toy in the air and the claws it ruthlessly, all the while looking ot see if the babies are learning to ‘hunt’ with him. He’s a cutie. I didn’t get a picture, but the other day Dany left all four cuddled up with George in a basket, and she went to sleep in the sun on the other side of the room while he washed the kittens and snuggled with them. He was always meant to be a dad, I think – or granddad in this case, since he’s Dany’s father.

Kittens in the house!

I really do mean to post updates more often, and then life happens.. but here you are, an update that isn’t on Facebook or Instagram. Today, our four babies form the July 2021 litter are 5 weeks old. They’re sleeping at the moment, but they have been racing around all morning and chewing on the cardboard box castle I put out for them. Climbing it as well, but you know how it is – toys are more fun to chew on than to play with, just like siblings.

Sunchaser Eris is staying with us as a future breeding queen, to bring some diversity into the ocicat gene pool from her father, Double Gold Grand Champion Shayba Finn McCool of Shayba Abyssinnians – and many thanks go to Julia Caunce of Shayba for allowing us to introduce Dany (Sunchaser Danaerys) to Finn. The kittens are gorgeous, and have their daddy’s beautiful, smoochy personality already.

The other three have already been claiemd by their future families, although they won’t go home with them until they’re 12 weeks old, so we have a bit more time with them still. We’re so happy to have such enthusiastic adoptive parents looking forward to taking our little ones home, though. Seeing a kitten with its new family is one of the things that makes this all worthwhile. (Playing with them outselves is another one, of course)

Next litter planned for mid-2021

We are between litters right now, but we’re planning to have our next litter around the middle of this year – and we’re expecting some silvers in this one!

If you’d like to send an inquiry or go on our waiting list, please click on the “Contact us” tab at the top of the page and send through a request or question.

For pictures of the cats and life at Sunchaser, please check out our Instagram feed (@sunchaserocicats).

Currently No Kittens Available

We are between litters right now. But if you’d like to send an inquiry or go on our waiting list, please click on the “Contact us” tab at the top of the page and send through a request or question.

kitten update

All six kittens are doing really well, toddling around and learning to play – and complaining loudly when their mum decides that playtime is over and they should really be napping now. She does eventually get them to settle down and sleep occasionally though.

We have 3 girls (with the red, orange, and yellow collars), and 3 boys (with the green, blue, and purple collars). Our one classic patterned baby is a boy, named Cheesecake for his marbled chocolate colours.



Born 5th Feb 2018 to George (Ozspots Pennyroyal) and Poccy (Falconblade Poccy Cadbury Night Hawk), six beautiful chocolate kittens – five spotted, and one marbled (classic pattern, or jungala). They are so adorably cute I just don’t have words. 🙂


CatsWA Show July 24th

Come and see George at his very first show, on July 24th! It’s a Christmas in July themed show, held by CatsWA. The venue will be the Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre on Fisher Street, in Bassendean (WA). It should be fun. We obviously hope that the judges like George, but even just being there will be worthwhile. 🙂

they grow up so fast

Little Alpha (named Felix by his new parents) has had his first vaccinations, and is looking super cute. He’s growing into a really cuddly lapcat, when he’s not running around playing. 🙂 He’s also learning to be a shoulder-cat, learning from his mama.



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